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we provide Custom Print Full Color Adhesive Vinyl on customer requirements.
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We do all custom work like cart sign banner at the prices of standard work. So you can enjoy great savings.

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We also provide graphic design services, at a fraction of other professionals’ high budget prices.

Most of the times, we waive graphics editing service charges, depending on the graphics format and complexity.

We also can arrange installation for most of our items, like sign installation, window decals installation,

Vehicle lettering,banner,cart,Custom Print Full Color Adhesive Vinyl and graphics.

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We also provide graphic design services, at a fraction of other professionals’ high budget price.
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Decorate your interior walls with our Wall Graphic Room Wall Décor Self Adhesive Posters. We create custom print posters with your choice of pictures, art, graphics or even combination of anything you supply, by digitally printing high resolution 720×720 dpi. We use eco-solvent ink that is odorless, and UV safe for long lasting on your walls. We make Room Wall Décor Self Adhesive Posters ready to apply with self adhesive backing 2.5mil vinyl that is water proof and tear resist, simply peel and stick on wall which could be used both for indoor and outdoor on flat dry surface. We can make Paper Posters that is printed on 9mil. photo quality (glossy or matte) paper stock. Both the materials could be laminated for scratch protection, longevity and fade resistance. The Paper Poster material does not have any adhesive and therefore can be installed either using paper glue applied by roller or double sided tape or push pins. These Room Wall Décor Self Adhesive Posters can be one single piece of 52”x 100ft. and could be of any larger size with combining 2 or more pieces as multiple panels.

Our custom designed and digitally printed Room wall decor self adhesive posters make the atmosphere lively, when it comes to decorate the room walls, whether be office room, lobby, waiting room, conference room, or at home be a living room, kids’ room, dining hall or kitchen, we have an excellent choice for Room wall decor self adhesive posters, that could last for up to 20 years. We call it Hp PVC – free Wall Paper. Digitally printed at 720 x 720 dpi, with eco solvent ink, that is odorless and gives a vibrant sharp image of any graphics you supply or available from our library. These Room wall décor self adhesive posters are ideal for interior walls and are child-safe and eco-friendly. Easy to apply, these Room wall décor self adhesive posters come with self adhesive backing , just spray water to activate the glue, position on the wall and press with soft cloth or sponge. As an option, we can laminate these Room wall décor self adhesive posters, so as to add protection and easy periodical wipe down with damp cloth, that would always renew the shine and luster. We can make custom sizes to fit on any size walls, a single one piece of any Room wall decor self adhesive posters can be to maximum size of 53” x 100”. Whereas larger sizes of Room wall décor self adhesive posters can be made by combining more pieces and overlapping the ages.

We carry different kinds of high quality self adhesive film materials for variety of uses. Adhesive vinyl is different types of PVC film for different purposes that has sticky backing for self sticking on different kinds of surfaces, like glass, plastic, vehicle body, other metals, walls, floors and carpets. These self adhesive vinyl films are of various kinds when it comes to temporary bonding or permanent bonding to the surfaces they are applied on. No walls we carry a special self Adhesive vinyl that is easy to apply on the walls has a good bonding but still can be removed easily without damaging wall paint or other types of surfaces. For window glass we have both permanent bonding for longer life without peeling off and for temporary bonding to remove it easily without much efforts. For vehicle decals we carry high performance material that is for outdoor with extended lasting. For floor graphic decals, we have self adhesive vinyl that is strong bonding with high traffic handling capabilities and that is anti slipping. For carpets custom design graphic decals, we have unique quality of vinyl that adheres well to the filaments but at same time it is none damaging when removed off the carpet. Also for vehicle windows and for store windows, we have special material called window perforation vinyl that had strong bonding and is one way see through not to block the view from interior of vehicles or the store or office, but displays extra ordinary printed image from outside for any messages, announcements and advertising in full color. All these self Adhesive Vinyl are digitally printed in high resolution at 720×720 dpi. UV safe ink. Whereas, just for letters, numbers and logos for windows and vehicles, we have very good quality Adhesive Vinyl that has strong bonding for long lasting, that we cut digitally to your selected fonts or using your supplied artwork in Vector format. Another cast vinyl we carry is reflective material in several different colors for night time visibility in dark. For airports, emergency vehicles, highway and street signs and also for normal vehicle signs to attract the attention in dark.

Using Digitally printable Adhesive Vinyl we create custom graphics, images, photos, messages, announcement and advertisements in stunning high resolution vivid colors for eye catching visual advertising.

Additionally all these Adhesive Vinyl could be laminated with UV safe  clear film for print protection and longevity. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Alternatively send us a quote request form with some details and attaching the art work.