Our wide variety of banners range from Indoor use Light weight Fabric banners, indoor outdoor light weight vinyl banners to heavy duty outdoor banners as well two way visible banners.

Indoor – Outdoor Vinyl Banner (13oz.)

Our premium heavyweight 13 oz. scrim vinyl banner is very strong and with smooth surface for best printing results. This material is widely used for billboards, building wraps, banners, event  flags, trade show signage, parades, and many such uses.

  • Printed on one Side smallest size 1ft x 2 ft to a maximum single piece size 10ft x 145ft with no pole pockets or a maximum of 9.5’ x 145’ with pole pockets. Double-Sided banners to a maximum size 9.5’ x 145ft.
  • For Oversized banners we weld  together (No Double-Sided oversized)
  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
  • Several options available for finished banners, like many grommets or certain types of hams etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor use, waterproof and UV safe
  • Double sided banners are printed front and back on a thicker material.

Material Options:

  • 13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner


Minimum smaller or up to 6ft x 10ft: $60.00

Larger than 60  sq.ft. or more pcs. $ 4.50 / sq.ft.

Two sided printed Vinyl Banner (18oz. Block out)

For 2 sided printed purpose, our 18oz. Blockout  Matte Vinyl Banner material is great for street banners and light pole banners. It is heavy duty and stronger than 13 oz. vinyl banner material, as it withstands all kind of harsh weathers and does not show the other side image mixing up with the front image.

Material:   18 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner

Price:  Minimum $ 80. Upto 10 sq. ft. (2ft x 5ft)

Larger sizes or more than 5 pcs. $ 6.50 /sq.ft.

Light box – Backlit Vinyl Banner

For night vision to show up in dark backlit  Banner is a great way to showcase your message or graphics. The translucent material permits light to pass through from behind the banner, enhancing visibility of the banner at night.

Backlit banners are printed in high density, resulting in a darker resolution in print without light from back.  If you would like your print to match closer to the color density as lighter during day time please notify us.

Single Layer Print – Suggested for  Daytime. Note that colors will be lighter when light is on from back.
Double Layer Print – Perfect for Night with proper Light Box. Note that colors will appear darker during Daytime or without Light from back.


Maximum Size: 10ft  High X 150ft Wide –  Material: 15 oz. Backlit (Translucent vinyl)

Price: Minimum  upto 10 sq. ft. (2ft x 5 ft)  $ 85. Larger than 10sq.ft. or more quantity:  $7.50/sq.ft.


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