Decorating home or office walls with wall-art got even less expensive with our quality canvas fabric digitally printed. In sheet or roll of any size or stretched and mounted on wood frames. You will love our canvas float frames.

Canvas Roll or Sheet

Our superior quality Artist Canvas material is blended Polyester/Cotton with semi gloss surface finish that  is fade-resistant and has a long lasting life  for art reproduction.  It is priced competitvely at $5.95.per sq.ft. with a minimum order of $60. Upto 10 sq.ft. and there after $5.95 sq.ft. or fraction thereof.

Any size from a smallest of 12” x 12” to a maximum one pc. Size of 58” x 100ft. wide.

High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720

Indoor use.  UV safe tolast for years

Material: 15 mil. white semi­ gloss artist canvas.

Canvas Art Picture Frame Stretched Gallery Wrap 1.5″ Frame

Our superior quality  stretched artist canvas wraps are digitally printed at high resolution on semi­gloss canvas material. Each canvas frame is carefully hand wrapped onto MDF  frame. Turn any of your favorite pictures into a piece of artwork for your home or office walls. We custom print what you send us your picture, photo, image or graphics, or you can choose and pick one from our wide variety of collection in our picture gallery.

Choose from our several sizes: Square or rectangular.

Hanging hardware accessory kit included at no extra charge.

Canvas Floating Frame

One of our outstanding Art Frame is known as Canvas Floating Frame. That looks marvelous on any wall while not costing arms and legs. These float  frames give full exposure of the art or picture while giving an elegant look as if it is floating in the center of an outer frame. Eco-friendly recycled material used in structure of these frames, that makes the frame light weight and durable compared to wooden frames. They are available in 5 popular sizes as: 12”x 12” – 12” x 18”, 16”16”, 16”x24”, 24”x24” and 24”x36”

Wall Murals & Vinyl Decals

We carry several different  types of vinyl grades, one of them is well in demand for special use for wall murals also known as wall graphics or wall decals. This vinyl has low tack adhesive for indoor walls so that it does not damage walls, nor does it peel the paint nor does it leave any spots or residues behind when removed. This vinyl could stay intact for good long time or it could be removed in short period of time. Good for temporary display on wall or for long time wall covering with your desired graphics, pictures or images or even motivational quotes on office walls. This material is kids safe for kids rooms walls and has no odor. It also comes with clear optical lamination for scratch protection and easy cleaning by simply wiping with a damp soft cloth or rag. You can order for small area coverage like 2ft x 3ft or partial wall covering like 5ft x 8ft or to cover the full one wall of the room or office or all walls.

High Performance Vinyl for Outdoor use

For outdoor long term use, we have a great solution, and that is our high performance 3 mil Calendar PVC adhesive vinyl. This is pressure sensitive and removable adhesive backing for hassle free  installation. This vinyl is perfect  for long term lasting for flat surface applications. To a maximum Size: 52″ High X 100ft Wide Printed  at high resolution vibrant colors at 720×720 dpi. Also comes with 2.5mil glossy or matter lamination that is UV safe. .  It is priced competitvely at $6.95.per sq.ft. with a minimum order of $60. Upto 8 sq.ft. and there after $6.95 sq.ft. or fraction thereof.

Wide format self adhesive Vinyl print for window decals

Our 4mil white PVC vinyl with a clear permanent adhesive is an ideal suggestion for outside use and perfect for flat smooth surface applications like window glass, vehicle windows etc. for both inside as well outside use. Digitally printed at 720 x 720 dpi high resolution to a maximum size of 52” x 159ft wide. For added protection of print ink it could be laminated with UV protection film. That would last for years. If you need, we supply easy step by step instructions for do it yourself applying the vinyl, that alone will save you several hundred dollars. .  It is priced competitvely at $5.95.per sq.ft. with a minimum order of $60. Upto 10 sq.ft. and there after $5.95 sq.ft. or fraction thereof.

Digital Print Photo Quality Paper Wall Posters

For temporary display purpose our 9mil (9pt) Photo Quality Paper Posters very economically priced are just perfect. Printed on glossy or matte paper stock. For promotional and advertising events to display on walls or any other smooth surface this is a good choice. This product is delicate and should be handled carefully, but with lamination on surface it could gain little strength. We can make any size to a maximum size of 52” x 159ft. wide. Printed for high resolution at 720×720 dpi. Use double sided sticky tape or single side at the edges of the poster to stick. Price starts at $60 for first 20 sq.ft. thereafter $2.95 per sq.ft. or fraction thereof.

Hanging Poster, Window Glass Poster, Wall Poster, Tradeshow Signage

Very light weight and thin material (9mil – matte) still strong and carefree handling and hanging, will not rip or curl, made of polypropylene with matte finish and dark grey clock out for one way print is a perfect solution for hanging posters on glass window to visualize either from inside or outside of the glass, or hanging from ceiling or wall.  This material, though PVC it is not self adhesive A maximum size of this item for a single pc. Could go upto 48”hx 100ft wide. Digitally printed on one side at 720x720dpi UV safe if exposed to sunlight.

It is priced economically at $3.95.per sq.ft. with a minimum order of $60. Upto 15 sq.ft. and there after $3.95 sq.ft. or fraction thereof.


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